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Why We're Better Than Anyone Else as A LCD Writing Tablet Supplier

We know that you need to find and work with the best supplier and that's why we strive to be the one for you.

In this post, we are going to explain why we are better.

And the following is what we do to ensure that you don't receive anything defective.

a) each product going out of our factory has gone through 5 inspections.

1, original material inspection

2, in_line inspection

3, end of the line inspection

4, out of the warehouse inspection

5, Random sample inspection before shipping.

b) We use automatic and semi-automatic machines to help us with precision work.

c) We have 4 production lines. Each line is made up of 20 workers, with a daily capacity of 1,000pcs of LCD writing tablets. This ensures that we are able to supply big quantities of LCD drawing tablets in a short period of time.

d) We have built an extreme condition testing lab in which our tablets are tested against extreme weather including low and high temperatures, humid and dry conditions. The temperature in this testing lab can go as low as -71 degrees centigrade. And our LCD writing tablets are tested in this condition and still work perfectly. That's why we're confident that our LCD writing tablets will work perfectly even in extremely cold weather.

If you're going to enter the LCD writing tablet business, you should collaborate with us. We're confident that we are the best LCD writing tablet supplier in the world.

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