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How Our Electronic Sanning Translation Pen Deals with Sophisticated Sentences and Paragraphs

In our last video, we demonstrated how our electronic translation pen performs with short and simple sentences. It was great.

In this video, we are going to show you how our electronic translation pen deals with sophisticated and long sentences and paragraphs.

Giving that our translator pen is built on AI algorithm and it keeps learning contexts, translation skills, and new words each time you use it.

And it's learning really fast.

Scan the same paragraph for 2 different times in less than 5 seconds might give you different types of translation based on different translation skills.

It might give you a literal translation the first time you scan it. And then it might give you a free translation the second time. And then it might be a combination of literal translation and free translation.

We have this algorithm built-in with the pen so that the pen can learn and adapt to the changes every time it's used. And also that it's capable of giving the users the best translation results possible.

Watch the following video and get the translator pen to assist your 2nd language learning and cross-language comminucation.

Kindly note that at the current moment, the overall accuracy of paragraph translation is about 98%.

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