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How Do You Decide If You Have The Best LCD Writing Tablet?

We understand that almost all buyers and clients would purchase LCD writing tablet from different suppliers and factories and test all of them before making a purchasing decision.

But do you really know how to test them?

As a professional LCD writing tablet factory, here are the methods we apply to test it.

1, We test how long the battery will last

Battery is one very important part that influences how lcd writing tablet performs. To test how it will perform, we need to exhaust the power and see how it actually performs. Does it have stable output even before it dies out completely? How long does it last?

To do this, we run our pen all over the lcd writing tablet to light the tablet up all over and see how long it will last.

And we've done multiple battery tests in the past years and found that our LCD writing tablet can last for at least one year with the button battery that comes within.

2, We test the chip

A chip is the heart of every consumer electronic products. A good chip will not only ensure stable, silky performance and operation but also it will help save power and make the battery last longer.

When it comes to lcd writing tablets, a bad chip will make it hard for the user to erase or delete.

To test the chip, we use a robotic arm to push the button at very short intervals. And after a 500,000 times of pushing, our lcd writing tablets are still performing perfectly.

check the following gif photo about how easy it is for our lcd to delete.

3. We test the lcd screen.

We use a robotic arm to test how many times our lcd drawing tablet can take. And the result is more than 500,000 times.

4. We test them in extreme conditions.

We have built an extreme condition lab to facilitate our testing of LCD writing tablets in extreme conditions. This lab is able to create multiple extreme conditions including extra high and low temperatures, extra humid and dry conditions.

Testing in extreme conditions is crucial because we know that LCD screens are vulnerable in extremely low or humid weathers, if without our technology.

We are confident that our LCD writing tablets will perform better in all extreme weathers.

After these testings, we can say that our lcd drawing tablets are one of the best in the market.

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