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Demonstration of how to use our LCD writing tablet

Our LCD writing tablets are made for children of 3 years of age and above. So, we made them super easy to use. In this post, we present you with some simple demonstration videos, please check.

Above is our standard LCD writing tablet which is selling the best because of the low prices, and various dimensions.

Write anything on the tablet and if you need to redo something about it, just click the delete button and then use the other end of the pen to erase it just like when you're using a real pencil.

Bullet points:

  • good quality and durable LCD screens.

  • long-lasting coin batteries.

  • specially processed screen surface for paper-like writing and drawing.

  • easy to use.

  • suitable for children over 3.

  • great gifts on many different occasions.

  • great promo gift.

Above is a video that children are having fun with our LCD writing tablets.

Every day our users send us some of their drawings, and here are some of them. Please check.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page from the following page

But you don't find answers from the above page, please don't hesitate to contact me anytime.


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