Frequently asked questions

Product related questions

Can I use other pens or objects to scribble and draw on the board?

No, please do not do this as our pen is specially designed to draw smoothly and in a way that does not damage the screen. Other pens or objects not specifically designed for our drawing board will damage the screen and leave scratch marks.

Can I only erase part of the drawing?

Yes, almost all of our drawing tablets have some deletion functions. Just click the erase button and delete the unnecessary part at the back of the pen. Please note that partial deletion is our exclusive function. You don't see this from other suppliers.

Can children use the LCD drawing tablet?

Yes. It is safe for children to use our LCD drawing tablet. And it doesn't harm your eyesight.

How long is the battery life? What do I do when the battery is empty?

The battery will last about 2 years with normal use. When the battery is empty, all you have to do is open the tab on the back of the tablet and replace the battery.

How many drawings can I draw?

We carried out drawing tests 500,000 times for each of our products. This means that after drawing 500,000 times, our tablet can still do the tasks perfectly.

Why can't I erase the drawing?

If you can't erase the drawing, check the lock button on the back of the tablet and unlock it by switching to the unlock position.

Do your LCD writing tablets come with storage options?

They don't come with storage options. The reasons are: 1, LCD writing tablet with memory options will be much more expensive. It'll end up being around $ 50, and it'll be at least $ 100 for consumers. 2, The purpose for us to make these LCD writing tablets is to replace paper and reduce paper consumption in work areas and classrooms. We don't want to build another tablet.