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Illustrate your ideas.

Use Our LCD Writing Tablets & Save Papers

Use our LCD writing tablets for writing, drawing and doodling & save papers!
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Get Our Reusable Notebook Made from Natural Stones

Made from stones, degradable, non-chemicals used, 2/3 less power used in production.
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We focus on green products that improve people's lives and products that help people learn.


We are a team made up of professionals in the manufacturing sector, international trading sector, and green product fields. We are able to develop and source the best green products and educational products for you.

Why Us

We care

We care about your needs. We're always ready to help whenever you have a question and we are always ready to go extra length to find the best solution for you, regardless of how hard it would be.

We deliver

We promise and we deliver. We are always honest about everything and we are always there to deliver our promises.

We Recommend

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